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WINDEREN - Thermo Clear Training Bandages

WINDEREN - Thermo Clear Training Bandages

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Thermo Silver training wraps provide excellent protection to your horse's legs. They are extremely soft, thin and fit easily to the leg, preventing painful pressure points. Their five-layer structure provides unique protective and thermoregulatory benefits to protect your horse's legs during training.

In the bottom-most layer of our Winderen Thermo Silver training wraps – the layer in direct contact with the horse's skin – we used a technologically advanced material containing silver ions known from our NanoSilver Line. Silver ions reduce the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, minimising the risk of skin infections on sensitive limbs. These ions are directly in the yarn and are not transferred to the skin, so that the training wraps are gentle to the skin and don't affect its natural pH. An ideal solution for horses with allergic tendencies. The placement of silver ions directly in the yarn also ensures effectiveness even after repeated washings.

This material's unique structure combined with a felt layer effectively wicks away sweat and moisture. Silver ions also reduce unpleasant odours, allowing the wraps to stay fresh longer. The multi-layer structure also provides effective protection against impacts over its entire surface, protecting your horse's legs during training.

With proper care they will retain their shape and properties even after multiple washings. 


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