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WINDEREN - Eventing Girth

WINDEREN - Eventing Girth

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The Winderen Pressure Relief Girth has been designed to significantly reduce pressure on the horse's sternum. The Pressure Relief Girth boasts the same proven and technologically advanced materials that we use in our Back Protect Solution saddle half pads. Its anatomical shape has cutback areas at the elbows and a wide surface in the sternum area, making this girth a perfect solution even for sensitive horses. These features help dissipate the pressure points applied on the horse's sternum and muscles, thereby improving the horse’s freedom of movement, breathing and overall comfort during riding.

During training, the horse's thorax expands in all directions like an inflated balloon, with the girth pressing on the sternum, sensitive muscles, and nerves. This increased pressure on the girth area can affect various processes inside the horse's body, and may make it react nervously to girthing up for many reasons, so it is crucial that the horse be made to feel as comfortable as possible.

That’s why Winderen Pressure Relief Girth features innovative materials that reduce the pressure both to the horse's sternum and muscles. This solution helps increase comfort and freedom of movement during riding, making this girth ideal even for sensitive horses.

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