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Poseidon Animal Health - Equibind

Poseidon Animal Health - Equibind

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A balanced nutritional supplement to aid equine health in horses on New Zealand pasture, Equibind is formulated with Elitox®, magnesium, calcium, antioxidant Vitamin C, and B-group Vitamins.

For best results, feed with Digestive EQ for extra gut support. If your horse is fed an unfortified diet, consider feeding Digestive VM for vitamin and mineral balance. EquiBind must be fed as part of a balanced diet with ample forage. EquiBind is safe for laminitic horses and ponies. 

Price per kilo is $24.72. 4kg will normally last 100 days at 40gm per day.


Magnesium Oxide
Limestone (for calcium)
Lucerne Leaf Meal
Vitamin Premix including Vitamins B1, B6 and B12, and Vitamin C.


Feed 10 grams of EquiBind per 1 kg of supplementary feed fed each day (including hard feed and fibre/chaff etc).

For example, one tub should last 100 days for a horse being fed 4 kg of supplementary feed per day, who would receive 40 grams of EquiBind per day.

EquiBind can also be sprinkled onto dampened hay (so the EquiBind will stick more) or over your horse’s haylage.

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