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Poseidon Animal Health - Digestive VM

Poseidon Animal Health - Digestive VM

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Digestive VM is the ultimate balanced mineral and vitamin supplement for horses, formulated to ensure your horse gets all the minerals and vitamins they need to thrive.

  • trace minerals and essential minerals for horses
  • vitamins including natural Vitamin E
  • amino acids to support gut health and cell repair
  • yeast-derived prebiotic and postbiotic 

Made in New Zealand, this tasty equine mineral and vitamin supplement comes in palatable lucerne based pellets which smell great to horses. Digestive VM is ideal to fill nutrient gaps for horses on forage (pasture or hay) based diets, and also ensures that horses who are fed diets which contain less than the recommended daily rate of all vitamins and minerals get the required amount of minerals and vitamins. (ie. you may feed various amounts of supplemented feeds resulting in your horse not getting the full requirement recommended by the manufacturers; or you may feed un-supplemented horse feeds and prefer to manage the supplementation of equine minerals and vitamins yourself using one simple product.)

4kg Tub price per kilo is $30. Or save $60+ with a $12kg bag, price per kilo is $24.91 
4kg will normally last a 500kg horse in moderate work 57 days. 12kg will normally provide the same horse with mineral and vitamin support for around 171 days.


Contains macro minerals Calcium, Phosphorous and Magnesium, trace minerals Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Iodine and Chromium.

Ingredient list:

Lucerne Leaf Meal
Dicalcium Phosphate
Magnesium Oxide
Marine Sourced Calcium
Yeast Derived Prebiotic
Threonine, Lysine & Glutamine Amino Acids
A Vitamin and Mineral Premix with Natural Vitamin E and Organic Minerals.


The pelleted form makes it easy to administer and reduces the chance of horses sifting it out. Introduce slowly to let your horse get used to the taste.

All feeding rates are on the label. Always replace the lid tightly. The supplied scoop holds 40 grams.

The daily serve rate can be fed once per day, or divided between meals.

Digestive VM provides your horse's daily minerals & vitamins

Digestive VM is a scientific combination of minerals, essential vitamins and amino acids formulated to fill common nutrient gaps with one daily supplement that provides your horse’s nutrient requirements for minerals and vitamins.

Digestive VM's comprehensive vitamin, trace mineral and amino acid formula provides nutrients known to be important for your horse’s everyday functions and health, at levels based on established daily requirements.

It contains macro minerals Calcium, Phosphorous and Magnesium, trace minerals Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Iodine and Chromium, a complex vitamin premix including Vitamin E, plus key amino acids Threonine, Lysine and Glutamine to provide additional benefit, helping build top line, strong hooves and promote gut integrity.

Plus, yeast-derived prebiotics and postbiotics are included to support a healthy hindgut environment which promotes optimal fibre fermentation to supply your horse with a cool source of energy and production of vitamins including B-group vitamins for calm behaviour. Free from sugars, grains and molasses, Digestive VM is platinum standard for next level health, which makes it a good option for horses prone to laminitis, diagnosed with PPID (cushings) or PSSM and overweight horses on an energy restricted diet, as well as horses in all disciplines from recreational riding to racing and high level performance.

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