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The ultimate copper top-up with a multitude of health benefits. Vital for the absorption of iron!

It has a high copper availability for coat and conditioning.

Give a course of Cuppra if you notice your horse is lacking stamina or if its coat is not looking as healthy as it should

  • Vital for the absorption of iron.
  • Essential for broodmares during pregnancy.
  • Extremely important for enzymes involved in the development of connective tissues such as cartilage, tendons and ligaments.
  • One of the most important minerals required for healthy hoof growth.
  • A shortage will lead to abnormal bone development and brittle bones.
Horseman's Tips

"Give your horses a course of Cuppra twice a year for visible results."

Key Ingredient:

Elemental Copper 180mg
  • Add 30ml to feed daily.
  • Can also be added to drinking water of horses on grass.
  • Copper should be fed for no longer than a thirty day period at any given time.

2.5l 80 days supply
1l 30 days supply

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