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EQUESTRO - KIDS' Level 2 Back Protector

EQUESTRO - KIDS' Level 2 Back Protector

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The EQUESTRO Kid's Back Protector is a 100% Italian product made with special fabrics such as the S.R.T (Sweat Remiving Textile), a 3D breathable fabric which transfers sweat to the outside.
It is also equipped with 4 special padding, 2 in the costal area and 2 in the sides.
The internal padding is made of E.V.C. (Evoluted Viscoelastic Cells), a waterproof anti-shock rubber completely perforated to increase completely perforated to increase the transpiration from the area in contact with the body to the outside.
It is easy to wear and remove thanks to the pratical front zipper and allows an extremely light, flexible and breathable protection.
Equipped with an elastic waist belt ensuring stability.

Level 2 Back Protector, certified according to the EN1621 normative.

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