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ACAVALLO - Magnetic Care Support Front Boot

ACAVALLO - Magnetic Care Support Front Boot

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Therapeutic boot have magnetic devices that improve cellular function, providing natural therapeutic support from hoof to shin and by reflexology to the entire horse.

They are 2 products in 1, as in addition to the therapeutic function they provide support to the suspensory ligaments and containment of the tendon apparatus, for use when transporting the horse and to decrease typical post-work swelling. There is protection on the outer surface at the height of the pastern-nodel to reduce wear and tear due to rubbing. The elastic bands with Velcro closure are calibrated to optimize tendon support, ensuring comfort and adherence.

The permanent magnets used are composed of a strongly magnetic alloy of Neodymium, Iron and Boron with Nickel coating, capable of exerting a magnetic induction of as much as 2600 Gauss each.

The specific arrangement of the magnets, their flux density, intensity and polarization were studied with the collaboration of veterinarians and professional riders to maximize the localized increase in vascular blood flow and lymphatic circulation, with multiple beneficial effects.

They are manufactured 100% in Italy.

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